Elon Musk Has Great New Ideas for Dogecoin (DOGE)

The Dogefather is back on stage: When the cryptocurrency market turned green again in the middle of the week, Elon Musk has replayed the spoiler on Twitter. The billionaire made a radical proposal regarding Dogecoin (DOGE) amid a huge price rally in Bitcoin (BTC).

Elon and the doge, a sense of déjà vu …

Elon Musk, CEO of Telsa and SpaceX, is once again rooting for DOGE fans and once again weighed heavily on his influence on the infamous meme-based cryptocurrency, suggesting that Dogecoin fees absolutely had to go down to become a viable payment option.

Elon Musk’s response to Shibetoshi Nakamoto – Source: Twitter

Shibetoshi Nakamoto – “Robinhood announced wallets, the CEO of AMC not only talked about accepting Dogecoin, but said that it was the most interactive tweet he had ever made, crypto finally looks green. I have to say … ‘Today was a good day’. “

Elon Musk: “It is very important that DOOGE fees go down so things like buying movie tickets are viable. “

Shibetoshi Nakamoto and Elon Musk exchanges on Twitter

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And jump! Dogecoin takes a little leap

As usual, the DOGE price rallied quickly after Musk’s tweet, as did the bitcoin price.

Musk had already requested, on several occasions, updates and improvements to Dogecoin this year. He expressed his request by responding to a tweet from Dogecoin co-creator Billy Markus.

“He clearly believes that AMC should accept Dogecoin. Now we have to figure out how to do this. “

Adam Aron, CEO of AMC

Aron previously conducted a Twitter poll that garnered 140,000 votes in 24 hours, closing with 68% of the votes for AMC to accept Dogecoin. 9% said they were moving forward with the cryptocurrency even if they wouldn’t use it, while 23% said AMC shouldn’t bother with Dogecoin at all.

“The Dogecoin poll was by far the highest tweet in my history. (…) In 24 hours, 4.2 million visits, my most retweets, the most responses. “

Adam Aron

Musk “liked” this Dogecoin poll on Twitter, prompting Aron to call Musk “the epitome of innovation above all else.” It is something reminiscent of the story of the head of Cardano (ADA) who wanted to help Elon Musk improve Dogecoin.

Recall that the CEO of Tesla has become one of the biggest supporters of Dogecoin. In July, for example, during a live chat with Jack Dorsey on Twitter, the Dogefather explained the ideas he had come up with for using dogecoin to “maximize transaction fees and reduce transaction costs.”

Earlier this month, Musk also said that an update to the DOGE, designed to secure the Dogecoin blockchain and lower transaction fees, is “important.” Therefore, the project appears to be progressing. Meanwhile, a copy of Dogecoin seems to outshine the original version.

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