Elon Musk ignores criticism of his chubby figure. How he stopped fans from gossiping. – Explorer 🇫🇷

The billionaire was caught on a yacht with friends and a beautiful and mysterious brunette who did not hesitate to flirt with him.

Basically, the SpaceX founder and Tesla CEO is a lonely man these days, as his fleeting relationship with Natasha Bassett has come to an end. The actress was very disturbed by the news, confirmed by the mogul, that he and Neuralink CEO Siobhan Zilis secretly welcomed twins in November 2021.

The billionaire quickly recovered, and images of Mykonos’ pampering were not left unattended, because, as is customary everywhere, critics are quick to tax body imperfections, even if Elon is by the sea and that it is only natural to undress on the beach.

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