Elon Musk is considering a more expensive Twitter subscription without ads…

Taking the trend on the wrong foot, Elon Musk is thinking about a new subscription, not cheaper and funded by ads, but more expensive and without ads!

Until now, the platform has instead relied on a targeted advertising system to generate revenue. With its recent takeover, this paid subscription, which appeared in mid-December. But, it would seem, this is not enough to help out the treasury of the blue bird. In passing, it should be noted that the firm has sold its furniture (including flower pots and a pizza pan) while considering selling its inactive accounts or terminating third-party clients.

In a series of tweets this weekend, the billionaire announced that Twitter will soon offer a more expensive subscription that will no longer have ads. If the measurement has been confirmed, it is obviously a radical change in the economic model. Some will not fail to establish contact with Apple strategy.

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