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The cryptocurrency market is experiencing an unprecedented economic crisis at the end of the year. However, parallel to this disaster, Elon Musk’s tweet just caused Dogecoin’s price to rise by 20% just yesterday. So while investors are in ambush – liquidity in the portfolio – waiting for the slightest slip from this billionaire in order to buy this notorious shitcoin. Suffice it to say that there is no end to the black hole yet…

This article is not intended for investors in Dogecoin (DOGE) and other notorious shitcoins. But at some point you have to put your hands in the shit and explain clearly. Elon Musk is not a crypto influencer, just a market manipulator as rude as his Twitter posts. And Dogecoin is not a serious cryptocurrency for investing money. Because it’s part of a (too) long list of shitcoins. And the explosion in its price caused by its dubious adoption by Elon Musk doesn’t make it any more interesting, useful or reliable…


Dogecoin (DOGE) case – Elon Musk’s fake bitcoin is all the rage

Hugh B. – 08 Feb 2021 – 09:49

Dogecoin has a special place in the world of cryptocurrencies. As well as […]


Elon Musk is an unwitting shitcoin pump

Every time you think you’ve hit rock bottom, you realize that some are still digging deeper. And this time it comes from Dogecoin investors. Because even Elon Musk has nothing to do with this pathetic news that happened last weekend. Indeed, it seems important to note that since his takeover of Twitter, the billionaire seems to be less willing to enjoy the price — and investor funds — of his beloved shitcoin. Maybe because it’s always easier to let the dogs go to others than to your own garden.

In any case, the publication of the latter on Twitter about version 2.0 of this social network seems to have once again awakened the crypto-dogs. However, he does not mention Dogecoin. It doesn’t matter if he fires or ousts more than half of the company’s employees. The important point is the possible “positive” impact of his antics on… the price of Dogecoin, of course.

And it didn’t fail because DOGE recorded an increase of more than 15% after this simple tweet from Elon Musk. The latter is already in the process of resorption after a few hours. The reason for this surge: a post simply presenting slides of what should become of her “Everything app”. With pseudo-records of new registrations (+86%) that seem to contradict the current flight initiated towards its decentralized rival Mastodon. After all, everyone knows how much Ilona can be trusted!

But this news could have remained if it had not been accompanied by unbearable barking like “Wen Dogikoin? The latter is too reminiscent of the “$1 Shiba Inu” of an era we thought was over. And without even worrying about dragging the entire cryptocurrency industry into this crappy business that continually frustrates years of trying to become a decentralized digital economy worthy of the name. So, a word of advice: if you want to get a dog with undeniable positive consequences, you better go to the spa!

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