Elon Musk issued an ultimatum to Twitter employees, which led to a wave of layoffs

Published: 18.11.2022 – 04:41

Twitter’s new owner and boss, Elon Musk, has issued an ultimatum to the social network’s employees, asking them to commit themselves to “working at high intensity for a long time” or resign before Thursday. Many of them chose to open the door.

The day after the ultimatum from Elon Musk, the number of departures on Twitter increased, Thursday, November 17th. It is still difficult to quantify the share of resignations. The social network’s new general manager asked employees who survived the first wave of layoffs – half of the group’s 7,500 employees had already been laid off two weeks ago – to choose between giving themselves “totally, unconditionally” or leaving.

“I can be exceptional, but (…) I’m not unconditional,” tweeted in response to the ultimatum, Andrea Horst, whose LinkedIn profile still displays “Supply Chain Manager (Survivor) on Twitter.” She added the hashtag “#lovewhereyouworked”, that is, “Love the place where you worked,” as did many other employees who announced their choice.

According to Zoe Schiffer, a journalist for the specialist media platformer, Twitter warned all employees on Thursday afternoon that offices were temporarily closed and unavailable even with a badge.

On Wednesday, Elon Musk, the owner and CEO of Twitter for three weeks, asked the social network’s employees individually to commit to “working at high intensity for a long time,” “creating a revolutionary Twitter 2.0, and succeeding in an increasingly competitive world.” “Only exceptional performance will be worth a sufficient appreciation,” he said in this internal letter seen by AFP.

Employees had until Thursday evening to click on the “yes” box under penalty of having to leave Twitter with compensation corresponding to three months’ salary.


A method that is controversial even in the United States, where labor laws are less protective of workers than in many developed countries.

“I have no words, I am just grateful that I was able to get my dream job and achieve more than I ever thought possible. It has been a great adventure,” tweeted Dina Hynes-Glasgow, Director of Account Management. on Twitter on Thursday, according to her LinkedIn profile. It is defined as “Ex Tweep”, the nickname of Twitter employees, and “Blackbird”, the name of the support group for African-American employees of the Californian company.

“To all the tweeps who have decided today is their last day, thank you for being great colleagues through the ups and downs. I can’t wait to see what you do next,” he said. in product development for the platform, one of the few managers who has not resigned or been fired, and who still publicly supports the new leader.

Elon Musk is said to have met with company executives to convince them to stay, said an employee and a man who recently quit but kept in touch on the social network.

With AFP and Reuters

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