Elon Musk plans to cut half of Twitter employees – CNET France

Elon Musk, the new owner and CEO of Twitter, is making his mark on the influential social network.

Right after twitter takeover October 27 billionaire, without wasting time, make changes to the platform. From firing executives to creating a new content moderation board, a lot has happened under the leadership of the SpaceX and Tesla boss.

3700 jobs will be cut

According to Bloomberg, Elon Musk plans to remove approximately 3700 jobsat Twitter, which makes up half of the social media company’s workforce. The affected employees will be notified of their fate by Friday, the sources said.

The new boss also plans to change the company’s current remote work policy, requiring that remaining employees show up at the officeunnamed sources said.

Under one of the Twitter downsizing scenarios under consideration, laid-off workers would be asked to 60 days severance pay. Twitter users have been anticipating layoffs since Elon Musk announced his Twitter takeover bid in April. The report said that the billionaire planned to cut 75% of jobs in the company.

Feature photo: Suvik Banerjee/Unsplash article adapted from CNET France

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