Elon Musk promises to stop talking nonsense

Will the American entrepreneur stop allowing himself to go on social networks? This is what the interested party seems to be suggesting on Twitter. But it will be necessary to judge by parts.

Twitter announcement of Tesla exiting the stock market, opening of regulatory investigations, use of poo emoji in response to Twitter CEO, posting video of him smoking a joint, pedophilia accusation against lifeguard, false promise to delete his account , an interrogation of a Twitter executive, insults to journalists, a message announcing a future takeover of Coca-Cola to add cocaine to drinks …

On Twitter and elsewhere, Elon Musk is a regular for extravagant, sometimes controversial, unfiltered and unrestrained speeches. With 100 million internet users who follow him on the social network, the American entrepreneur posts a lot, often trolls and shares memes to express his point of view. Forgetting, consciously or not, that the public poses he takes can have serious consequences given the place he occupies online and in several large companies.

Elon Musk has spoken extensively both in the media and on social media. // Source: Numerama edit

This is a very peculiar attitude that is not found anywhere else at this level of responsibility (no other leader behaves like this: this way of doing things is usually characteristic of Internet users who are not very visible on the network and use a pseudonym rather than their real identity), has long been the hallmark of Elon Musk. But in the future, such behavior may well become history.

“The amount of attention to me has gone supernova”

In any case, this follows from the message posted by the person concerned on Twitter on July 26th. Indeed, Elon Musk notes that “the amount of attention focused on me has gone supernova, i.e. superzero. Unfortunately, even insignificant articles about me generate a lot of clicks :( “. And add right after that, he will try to “make [s]we’d better stay with our heads down and [s]Focus on things useful to civilization. »

What he is going to do for things useful for civilization is not specified – at least we guess that he will continue to pilot the companies he controls, be it Tesla, SpaceX, Neuralink or The Boring Company. It’s not clear, for example, whether doing things that are good for civilization includes addressing world hunger: the issue roiled Twitter during a notable skirmish between Elon Musk and the director of the UN Food Program.

Given Elon Musk’s long history of public speaking and the American entrepreneur’s apparent fondness for Twitter, his message can only be taken with great caution. Will he therefore post less on the social network? This could be the beginning of a reduction in the production of stories that concern him and which he considers insignificant. In fact, his pranks, excesses, and gaffes are so common that they fuel the idea that if you really follow Twitter’s anti-harassment rules, you’ll have to ban Elon Musk from Twitter.

“I am an impulsive person. And I’m not really trying to dress up as the perfect CEO,” he said in 2018. But maybe he can at least put on the clothes of a more moderate CEO by letting go of Twitter a bit.

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