Elon Musk restored Donald Trump’s Twitter account with a poll

Elon Musk reopens Donald Trump’s Twitter account based on poll

Following the deadly January 2021 Capitol attack, Twitter suspended Donald Trump’s account, accusing the former US president of violating his rules regarding his civic integrity policy. Now at the helm of Twitter, Elon Musk just reactivated his account after a survey published on Nov. 19 that included more than 15 million people.

When asked whether it is worth restoring Donald Trump’s account: 51.8% of voters answered “yes”, while 48.2% voted against.

This poll comes just weeks after Elon Musk announced that he would form a board of moderators to decide whether certain accounts should be reintroduced to the platform. It is clear that he did not wait for any advice to make a decision …

Donald Trump stays on Truth Social… for now

Earlier, Donald Trump said he would not return to Twitter even if his account was reactivated. At the moment and since the expulsion from Twitter, the former US president uses his own Truth Social network to communicate, with which he has an exclusive contract.

As for his Twitter account, @Donald Trump now has 87.3 million followers, 49 following, and recently posted a link to a website offering funding for his next 2024 campaign.

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