Elon Musk reveals new details about upcoming Starship orbital launch

Elon Musk, refocused on technology after a politically charged 2022, offered new details about the upcoming orbital launch. Starship mega rockets from SpaceX.

Starship was originally scheduled to conduct orbital tests last year, but a number of issues have impacted its schedule. Now, according to Elon Musk, the assassination attempt will be made between February and March next year.

The Whole Mars Blog account asked a SpaceX executive if January 31 would be Starship’s orbital launch day.

“We have a real opportunity at the end of February,” Elon Musk replied. “A March launch attempt (also) seems highly likely.”

So far, as Extreme Tech explains, Starship has made only one high-altitude test flight without the Super Heavy first stage. The megarocket is powered by six Raptor engines, and SpaceX has successfully launched them.

The super-heavy booster has 33 Raptor engines, but not all of them were able to catch fire during the static fire test. In December, Elon Musk’s company tested eleven rocket engines.

Starship will try to fulfill Elon Musk’s dream of flying to Mars.

The development of the Starship megarocket, which in the Musk project will be responsible for the flight to Mars, took a whole decade. It will begin with lunar missions and launching payloads into Earth orbit, before the long-awaited flight to Mars.

Starship has a height of 119 meters, a diameter of 9 meters and a mass of 5000 tons at maximum payload. It is the largest ever built, surpassing the space launch system Saturn V (USA) and Long March 9 (China).

While the Falcon 9 is SpaceX’s flagship rocket that has flown all of its major flights, Starship will be a step forward towards the Moon and Mars goal important to the United States and Elon Musk.

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