Elon Musk says he wants to lift Donald Trump’s ban on Twitter

Elon Musk, the multibillionaire behind the deal to buy Twitter, has said that if he takes control of the social network, he will lift the ban on Donald Trump.

“I think it was a mistake because it alienated most of the country and ultimately didn’t stop Donald Trump from being heard,” the entrepreneur said during a conference hosted by the Financial Times, days after he agreed to buy Twitter for 44 billion dollars. .

The former American president was indeed suspended from Twitter last year after his supporters stormed Capitol Hill in response to Joe Biden’s White House inauguration. Twitter at the time believed that Donald Trump violated the platform’s terms of use, believing that his Joe Biden inauguration tweets could constitute a form of apology for the violence.

Donald Trump has since created his own social network, Truth Social, and has ruled out a return to Twitter himself.

“What I want to try to say (…) is that Trump’s ban on Twitter doesn’t stop him from speaking,” Elon Musk added, believing it would even “strengthen (his word) on the right.”

However, he softened his remarks, saying that if Donald Trump returns to Twitter, he will not be able to say everything and everything there. Elon Musk also believes that permanent bans on access to the social network, such as the one imposed on the former president, “fundamentally undermine the credibility of Twitter as a public place where everyone can express their opinion.”

Instead, the Tesla founder is considering timeouts, or a feature that would make certain tweets “invisible” or with “very limited scope.” With this takeover of Twitter, the richest man in the world wants to make the social network a bastion of freedom of expression, which he believes violates current moderation rules.

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