Elon Musk Shares Bill Gates 1995 Music Video Mocked For Supporting The Internet As The Next Big Thing

Elon Musk shared a clip from 1995 showing Bill Gates appearing to scoff at showing his support for the internet. I think we know who has the last laugh here, right?

The unearthed clip was shared on this week’s startup TikTok account @this_week_in_startups, and it sees Jason Calacanis watching the old clip from The David Letterman Show.

In the clip, Gates is asked, “What’s up with this internet thing?” Do you know anything about it? To which he responds: “Of course.

The audience laughed when Letterman asked, “What exactly is this?”

Gates explained, “Well, it’s become a place where people post information so that everyone can have their own home page, the companies are there, the latest information… it’s crazy what’s going on. You can send emails to people.

“This is the big news.”

However, Letterman did not seem convinced and admitted not having understood everything.

Letterman replied, “Yes, but you know it’s easy to criticize something that you don’t fully understand, which is my position here. But I remember a few months ago, for example, there was a major announcement that on the internet, or in a computer deal, they were going to broadcast a baseball game.

“You could listen to a baseball game on your computer and I was like, ‘Does the radio mean anything to you? “

À ce stade, le public du milieu des années 90 a éclaté de rire alors that Gates tentait d’explain the difference between les deux, ajoutant: “Ce n’est pas une enormous difference, mais vous pouvez également écouter le match de baseball quand you want it. “

Bill Gates was the last to laugh. Credit: Alamy

Letterman then asked if it was “stored in any of his memory contracts,” which Gates confirmed was the case.

The TV host then asked, “Are the tape recorders ringing a bell? Hardly, friend, if I’m honest.

Billionaire Musk shared the TikTok video on his Twitter account asking, “Given the almost unimaginable nature of the present, what will the future be like?”

And it’s fair to say that the clip certainly got people thinking: sharing the tweet, one person wrote: ‘I think about it all the time. That was just 26 years ago.

Another said: “I am amazed that all of this happened in less than one lifetime. We have gone from having no Internet to this enormous connectivity and opportunity in less than a lifetime. “

While a third added: “Never take seriously someone who doubts human ingenuity.” Humans can do anything.


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