Elon Musk shows population density in viral Twitter feed – Reuters

Elon Musk believes that the Earth is “practically empty of people.” Reacting to a viral Twitter thread that shows population densities around the world, the Tesla boss once again begged the planet to need more people.

The theme was coined and published on the microblogging platform by Tim Urban, the founder of a website called Wait But Why. The theme contained many graphs that displayed population density through bursts. The height of each spike indicates the population density at that location.

The theme was also dedicated to some specific places such as USA, China, India, Australia and Iceland.

The viral tweet also contained interesting information, such as that Jakarta is expected to become the most populous city by 2030, and the Indo-Gangetic Plains to become “the most populous regions on Earth.” Another tweet revealed that more people live in and around Asia than the rest of the world combined.

Reacting to the thread, Musk wrote, “Earth is mostly empty of people.”

Pranai Pathol, Musk’s Twitter buddy, chimed in and tweeted, “Earth could roughly double or triple its current population. He added: “This opinion of people about overpopulation needs to change and people need to be aware of the population collapse.”

To which Musk agreed in the affirmative.

The polarity is quite distinct and clear. While many see overpopulation as a real problem, others, including Musk, deny and challenge the idea with the concept of population collapse. Musk was pretty vocal about it.

The richest man in the world is himself the father of ten children. In March 2022, Grimes and Musk revealed that the couple had a daughter via surrogacy in December 2021. In November 2021, Musk secretly welcomed twins with Siobhan Zilis, a senior executive at Neuralink, Musk’s brain chip company, according to a Business Insider report.

Musk is currently making headlines due to a $44 billion lawsuit filed against him by Twitter. The two are set to face off in Delaware court in October. Twitter claims that Musk is deliberately trying to broker a deal because the acquisition “no longer serves his self-interest.” While Musk gave reasons for pulling out of the deal, Twitter did not provide any information.

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