Elon Musk teases talks with Apple about iPhone 14 satellite feature

With the iPhone 14, Apple introduced a Satellite feature that will send emergency messages to offline areas (no Wi-Fi or cellular coverage).. To do this, he must a priori use satellites globalstar.

Of course, Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, jumped at the opportunity to tease a little on Twitter, an exercise he does very well. He revealed that his company was in lucrative talks with Apple about connecting to Starlink, without specifying the nature and outcome of those exchanges. He very sympathetically takes the opportunity to point out that the iPhone team is very smart. But for him, the iPhone connectivity space would work better if the software and hardware went through Starlink.

By his side Cupertino did not mention any discussions with SpaceX about Starlink. In practice, this summer SpaceX announced a partnership for a new service with T Mobilewhich will allow (provided you subscribe to T-Mobile) to pass through Starlink satellites – the second generation, placed in low Earth orbit – to transmit emergency communications. At the moment, this service only covers certain areas of the US and will be launched at the end of 2023..

Unlike Apple’s satellite feature, which requires an iPhone 14, T-Mobile and SpaceX’s solution should work with all existing smartphones. As a reminder The Apple satellite feature can be used when the user is out of Wi-Fi coverage or offline.. It will also be limited to sending a short emergency text message. This will allow emergency services to determine the location of the victim in real time. This feature will be launched next November. (2 years will be suggested, after that you’ll probably have to get your hands on a wallet) and currently only in the US and Canada.

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