Elon Musk: “Tesla Car Prices Will Fall” – Le Mac En Ligne

Tesla car prices have skyrocketed in the face of inflation currently affecting the global economy. Elon Musk even called them “annoying”, the first time he mentioned a possible price cut in the near future.

The global economic downturn is not good for Tesla. The brand of Elon Musk, an American billionaire, is going through great difficulties. Nearly all vehicles in the brand’s lineup are seeing dramatic price increases. Inflation has caused the Tesla Model 3 to rise in price by about $10,000 in a few months, almost 40% below its original price. All Tesla vehicles have increased in price by 30-40% compared to their original price.

Elon Musk said that the first price cut would only happen if inflation came down. Elon Musk first mentioned this during a conference call as part of Tesla’s economic results announcement. Noting that the current price increase was “blatantly unacceptable”, Musk also said it was “”.


InsideEVs published an article that Elon Musk admitted that Tesla’s new prices are at an “embarrassing level”. “We have raised prices many times. They are at an embarrassing level. However, we also had a lot of supply chain issues and we have crazy inflation,” the CEO explained.

The Tesla boss also said that it looks like inflation may already be coming down. “I think inflation will come down by the end of this year. Elon Musk said that although I am optimistic and this is not a guarantee, he hopes prices will come down a bit. Tesla may stop raising prices if inflation does start to come down.

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