Elon Musk: the route of the billionaire who no longer wants to own anything

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Do you have to be a model of stability to defy gravity? Tesla’s boss proves otherwise. Demonstration of four symptoms.

early genius

To hear Donald Trump in Davos this year, “he’s one of the smartest among us.” To see… Hailing from South Africa, turned Canadian, then American, the young Elon Musk is, if anything, gifted with a certain instinct: he sells his first software at the age of 12 and drops out of the prestigious Stanford University for the co-founder of what would become Paypal before aiming even higher!


To be the first tour operator to take a man to Mars in direct competition with NASA, to connect our poor human brains with machines to increase their capabilities, to create a TGV that exceeds the speed of sound, to offer the first 100% autonomous vehicle, to send 42,000 satellites into low orbit, to provide high-speed internet to the entire planet, to release the first Tom Cruise filmed in space… nothing can curb the ambitions of a 48-year-old entrepreneur who unashamedly claims to be the Great Defender of the Planet. Is the sky the limit? In a dream !

virtual hysteria

Where Steve Jobs cultivated asceticism, Elon Musk is rather hot-tempered by nature. It wasn’t until May 1 that he destabilized his company’s actions on Twitter (“Tesla shares are too high”), yelled out his rage against the confinement (“Give the people FREEDOM now”), fully transcribed the words of the American anthem, described his desire to “sell all (your) physical property and shouted out the enigmatic “Anger, anger at the death of the light of conscience.” All in less than an hour. Trump has competitors!

passion violation

He had six children by his first wife, the eldest of whom died ten weeks after birth. He then married his second partner twice. Before flirting with the one who was still Johnny Depp’s girlfriend, Amber Heard. For the past two years, he has been in love with Canadian half-cosplay half-cybertribeil singer Grimes. The two lovers just announced at the beginning of May the birth of their first child, whose cryptic name has already gone around the world: X Æ A-12. “X, for unknown variable, Æ, my elvish spelling AI (love and/or artificial intelligence), A-12 = predecessor of SR17 (our favorite aircraft) + A=Archangel, my favorite song,” the young mother explained. without specifying how she would pronounce the formula.

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