Elon Musk: the US government refuses to help him, the billionaire is furious

There is a gap between the actions and words of Elon Musk. The 51-year-old billionaire, whose escapades have made him as famous worldwide as his many successful companies (Tesla, The Boring Company, Neuralink…), has struck again. Someone who has never stopped criticizing US government aid has just been rejected and is preparing to apply for compensation!

$885.5 million help for Starlink

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August 31, 2022

The US FCC (Federal Communications Commission) turned him down. Elon Musk has requested $885.5 million in aid for Starlink, his satellite internet connection system. However, funds from the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund, which should be used to better connect rural areas of the United States to the Internet, will not be provided to the entrepreneur. A blow to a billionaire who, despite his hardline stance against the bailout, has greatly benefited from the bounty of public funds! Indeed, in 2015, our colleagues from the Los Angeles Times pointed out that his companies, including Tesla, SpaceX and SolarCity, made a profit of $ 4.9 billion … Musk:

I literally say get rid of all subsidies, but also for oil and gas.

There is no state aid for others, but it does not matter to him! So Elon Musk decided to file an appeal to give Starlink a chance to get the hundreds of millions of dollars it asked for without being one controversy. Among other things, in its argument, SpaceX claims that:

[…] changing the rules to repeal the old policy is grossly unfair after thousands of hours of hired labor and millions of dollars spent on program commitments, on the reasonable assumption that [la FCC] will impartially apply its rules.

Case to follow!

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