Elon Musk Trial vs Twitter: Judge Confirms October 17 Date – Next INpact

After announcing the takeover of the social network and then its termination, Twitter announced that it was considering a court case to force it to be sold. The trial is scheduled for October 17th.

Elon Musk’s team has asked Judge Kathleen McCormick to add accusations against Twitter’s former head of cybersecurity, Pater Zatko, to its defense.

As Forbes explains, “Peter Zatko has accused Twitter of misleading its investors, users and regulators about the platform’s security status and the extent of the problems with spam or fake accounts.”

Kathleen McCormick agreed to defend Elon Musk, but, on the other hand, refuses to postpone the date of the trial, which, therefore, should take place on October 17. She explains that waiting a few more weeks could be damaging to Twitter.


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