Elon Musk vows to make Twitter recommendations transparent

Twitter will release the source code for all computer code used to recommend tweets on March 31st.— said the unpredictable owner and boss of the social network.

People learn a lot of stupid things, but we will solve problems as soon as we find them.he added.

The opening of the service’s “black box” was one of the stated motives for the takeover of Twitter last year. potential businesses and advocating a more absolute vision of freedom of expression.

But his first four months at the head of the network were marked primarily by waves of mass and sudden layoffs, the flight of numerous advertisers, a chaotic launch of paid subscriptions and technical failures.

The multibillionaire explained that Twitter’s recommendation algorithms are complex and poorly understood, even within the California group.

The transparency of the code will be very inconvenient at first, but this should lead to a rapid improvement in the quality of the recommendations.he assured.

We’re developing a simplified approach to showcase more engaging tweets.he continued.

A measure of transparency could reassure politicians and lawmakers who want to know how the platform works.

Many politicians, especially among supporters of the Republican Party, believe that she is biased against them, while human rights NGOs criticize the service, especially under Elon Musk, for not fighting disinformation and harassment enough.

Open source also means it can be used by other developers or potential competing services.

So far, no serious alternative to Twitter has emerged. Most politicians, organizations and public figures still use it to communicate.

Jack Dorsey, former chief executive of the network, was a supporter of freely licensed software.

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