Elon Musk wants to restart Twitter Blue certification on November 29

Elon Musk announces certificate return date via Twitter Blue. See you (usually) November 29th.

Elon Musk loves to announce dates. He just announced a return date for paid verification via Twitter Blue, which he says will be November 29th. The new date comes days after the company paused the rollout of the feature and stopped new subscriptions following a spike in users impersonating brands, identities and other highly publicized accounts.

Elon Musk announces certificate return date via Twitter Blue

Elon Musk explains that this return date was chosen to give the company enough time to “make sure the system is solid.” The multibillionaire didn’t specify what changes would be made, but the company has already reinstated the “Official” labels in an attempt to reassure advertisers. Elon Musk also added that Twitter users will no longer be able to change their nickname without losing the little checkmark “until the name is verified by Twitter and complies with the terms of service.”

See you (usually) November 29th

Twitter, which had already been losing advertisers prior to the launch of paid verification, saw even more brands leave the platform due to the verification “offered” by Twitter Blue. In addition to the “official” labels, Elon Musk has suggested other ways to make official accounts more easily identifiable. Among them, it may be possible in the future to allow organizations to “determine which other Twitter accounts are actually associated with them.” However, it’s hard to see how this idea could fit into Twitter’s new certification systems.

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