Elon Musk will soon be the (hellish) star of a BBC documentary series

Despite having just acquired Twitter, controversial billionaire Elon Musk has made headlines, and soon the BBC, which plans to dedicate a series of documentaries to him.

He is the richest man in the world and therefore inevitably captivates the crowds.

Thus, Elon Musk, a South African billionaire with a passion for space and technology, will become the star of a BBC documentary series.

A new documentary about Elon Musk is being prepared

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We see it everywhere. On TV, of course, but also on the Internet, through articles or even memes.

I must say that the billionaire who just bought Twitter with the intention of making it a place of complete freedom of expression (to the annoyance of feminists, moreover, racial ones, who are afraid of a wave of misogyny and racism) – which already pleases Donald Trump, has something to impress you with his sense of excess, antics and ambition.

Thus, the Chairman and CEO of SpaceX and CEO of Tesla becomes the richest man in the world at only 49 years old, and therefore it is only natural that television networks take a keen interest in his career.

Following a documentary entitled Elon Musk: Real Life Iron Man, which will be released on Netflix on May 7, the BBC plans to dedicate a whole series of documentaries to the richest man in the world.

In the series called “The Elon Musk Show” among the speakers will be friends of the billionaire, as well as members of his family and his associates.

It will be compiled from archival images of Elon Musk’s conquest of Silicon Valley and paint a portrait of him that we hope will be as complete as possible.

Divided into 3 parts, the series does not yet have a release date.

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Featured Photo Credit: Elon Musk at the 2018 Royal Society London Reception via Wikipedia.

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