Elon Musk’s $182 billion net worth cut breaks Guinness World Record – Reuters

Elon Musk may add a new title to his resume: Guinness World Record Holder.

Tesla’s ‘technoking’ entered the record books thanks to a terrible 2022, when his fortune dropped by $182 billion, according to the organization’s statement released Friday in a statement citing Forbes data.

Guinness noted that although “the exact figure [of Musk’s loss] almost impossible to determine”, according to some media estimates, he lost more than $ 200 billion, the owner of Twitter broke the previous record: a loss of $ 58.6 billion to Japanese investor Masayoshi Son in 2000.

The decline in Musk’s fortune was largely due to the sharp drop in Tesla shares, which lost about 65% of their value in the worst year in the company’s history.

That loss was enough to knock him off his position as the world’s richest man, a title now held by luxury magnate Bernard Arnault.

Of course, Musk isn’t the only billionaire whose fortunes have taken a hit in 2022. American billionaires lost a combined $660 billion last year, as CNBC Make It previously reported.

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