Elon Musk’s dad Errol opens up about his ‘real princess’ stepdaughter having two kids and his latest message from the CEO’s son Noufelle FR

Elon Musk’s father, Errol, recently opened up about the two children he has with his own “princess” stepdaughter, as well as the latest message he received from Elon.

Just over a week ago, Errol said on an Australian talk show called The Kyle and Jackie O Show that he was clearly not proud of his son, Elon.


After shocking remarks, Errol came out to challenge them and revealed what Elon had told him, discovering his father’s disapproving message.

Errol has now explained that he apparently misunderstood a question he was asked on the Kyle and Jackie O show about whether he was proud of his billionaire boy.

According to comments he made to Daily Mail Australia, he is proud of Elon.

“Elon knows it’s not true, so he will never get angry about it. He doesn’t care,” Errol explained.

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However, he noted that his three daughters were so upset by what he said about Elon that they refused to contact him for several days.

Not only that, Elon reached out to him about his comments, proud or not.

“But the last message Elon sent me was: ‘Dad, the press is playing you like a violin, so please shut up,’” Errol told Daily Mail Australia.

The 76-year-old former electrical engineer went on to defend that Elon was proud, noting that he only realized how bad it sounded when he later listened to the tape.

Speaking on The Kyle and Jackie O Show, Errol also touched more on the relationship between him and Jana Bezuidenhout, his sister-in-law.

Errol told The Sun in an exclusive interview last month that he did indeed father a second child with Bezuidenhout, 35.

In 2018, it was first revealed that Errol’s first child, Elliot Rush, with Bezuidenhout had raised Elliot since he was 4, according to the Daily Mail.

When asked, Errol explained that he initially came into close contact with Bezuidenhout when she wrote to him in 2014 about his terrible life situation.

“After that, I hardly saw her, but somewhere in 2014 she wrote to me and said that she was in a terrible situation, she lived in a pantry with a guy, they had no food and her eight-year-old daughter. taken care of,” he said on The Kyle and Jackie O Show.

He went on to say that he helped her financially for a while, even taking her out to buy clothes and basic necessities.

“She’s a real princess, but she was dressed in rags, so I took her [shopping] for clothes and food. »

Afterwards, Errol said that they began to bond and like each other, which prompted her to leave her boyfriend and have her son, Elliot.

“We had a little boy, Elliot Rush, who is now five, and I can’t imagine a world without him,” Errol told Kyle and Jackie O.

They then have a daughter, Asha Rose Musk, in 2019, though Errol notes that they never did a DNA test to confirm it was his daughter, as Bezuidenhout has since moved back in with her ex-boyfriend.

The news of Errol’s multiple children with Elon also sparked some interesting intent from high society.

Errol explained to The Sun in another exclusive that he was asked to donate his sperm through a public limited company in Colombia to essentially raise a new generation of people like his billionaire son.

“I have a company in Colombia that wants me to donate sperm to inseminate high class Colombian women because they say, ‘Why go to Elon when they can go to the man who created Elon?

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Errol seems to agree with this idea, as the Colombian company promises various forms of compensation.

Only time will tell if Errol agrees and if news of other children becomes known.

Jana Bezuidenhout (pictured) contacted Errol in 2014 and they became close.


Elon Musk has 8 children, including X Æ A-12 (left)


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