Elon Musk’s ties to other countries “deserve attention,” Biden says.

“I think Elon Musk’s collaborations and/or technical relationships with other countries are noteworthy,” the U.S. president said at a press conference, apparently carefully considering the employees’ words for their response. The Democratic leader was answering a question about the involvement of Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal in the takeover of Twitter by the Tesla automaker boss.

Prince al-Waleed did give Elon Musk nearly 35 million shares he already owned on the social network directly and through his holding company KHC, making him the group’s second-largest shareholder. Shortly after the Twitter takeover in late October, Democratic Senator Chris Murphy tweeted that “we should be concerned that the Saudis, who are clearly interested in suppressing political expression and influencing American politics, are now the second owner of a major social network.” Media Platform”.

The senator also announced that he would ask the Senate Foreign Investment Committee to launch an investigation into “the national security implications of the Saudi takeover of Twitter.” For Joe Biden, whether or not “Mr. Musk is doing something inappropriate, and I don’t mean he’s doing it, it’s worth watching, that’s the only thing I can say about it.”

Biden wants to discuss ‘red lines’ with Xi so as not to cross them

US President Joe Biden also expressed on Wednesday a desire to discuss with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping mutual “red lines” that cannot be crossed at the G20 summit scheduled for mid-November. “What I want to do with him when we talk to each other is figure out what red lines” we have to follow, the Democratic leader said.

Mr. Biden said he would like to explore whether there is a possible conflict between “what he (Xi Jinping) considers to be the most important national interests of China (and) what I know to be the most important national interests of the United States.”

The American president said he was ready to work to resolve such a conflict, and relations between Beijing and Washington have recently deteriorated and worsened.

The White House tenant is traveling to Asia this weekend, first to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) summit in Phnom Penh, then to the G20 meeting in Bali, and finally to the Asia-Pacific Cooperation Forum (APEC) in Bangkok. .

These will be strategic meetings for the United States, which has identified China as its “only rival” in the long term and is trying to rally countries to its side, especially in Southeast Asia, that do not want to stand up to Beijing.

The American president confirmed on Wednesday that he would raise the very sensitive issue of Taiwan with Xi Jinping.

“Taiwan doctrine hasn’t changed a bit,” Mr. Biden reiterated, avoiding rehashing earlier remarks that had irritated Beijing that the US military would defend Taiwan if the island was attacked.

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