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There have been some rumors about the launch of a new cryptocurrency with eye scan orbs, but it is possible that something suspicious is going on with this hack.

San Francisco, California – The rollout of a new cryptocurrency with eye-scanning orbs has sparked a stir among supporters and critics, but something suspicious could be going on with this latest stunt.

There’s another new crypto company on the block, and in an extremely crowded area, something like eye scan spheres are needed to make it stand out. This is exactly what OpenAI CEO Sam Altman offers for his Worldcoin.

But aside from this rather strange feature, there is another reason to raise an eyebrow, as Worldcoin is accused of simply copying the name of an existing cryptocurrency.

According to this “other” Worldcoin homepage and its dedicated Discord channel, the original cryptocurrency (WDC) has been around since 2013.

WDC chief administrator cryptojunky told TAG24 that many new users are joining the channel assuming you log into the “Eye Scanning Orb” room.

The WDC community has been completely transparent to potential investors, warning them of the confusion caused by the name of the new cryptocurrency and the unclear reports of the eye scan orbs.

TAG24 has asked Altman’s company to learn more about its alleged use of the same name as Worldcoin which it claims to be the original, but has not received a response.

But even though the fragmented nature of Orb’s deployment and claims of intellectual property infringement can be explained, there is still reason to be concerned about reliance on biometric technology.

Altman’s company is trying to make cryptocurrencies more accessible by implementing eye scan orbs. The idea sounds healthy at first, but whistleblower Edward Snowden has expressed informed skepticism about the use of biometric scanners.

The deployment of the new piece relies on independent Orb administrators, who are responsible for adding users to a single eyeball analysis database. Each scan is done using a metal sphere, which houses a movable iris scanner on a gimbal, allowing you to scan from multiple angles.

Orb’s privacy statement explicitly lists the collection of “Images of the user’s body, face and eyes, including the user’s irises (visible spectrum, near infrared and far infrared)” and “Three-dimensional mapping of the body and faces of the users”.

Its creator also has a vacancy for a data scientist, who would optimize “facial recognition using neural networks”, which means that the company invests in improving the way it collects biometric data.

Although the actual user’s eye scans are removed, the Orb adds scans of the hashed user’s eye to a database, which maintains the unique hash associated with the scanned eyes. If a user rescanns their eyes, the hash will match.

The eye analysis database doesn’t even have to be sold to third parties for things to go wrong. Data breaches happen all the time, like the stolen Twitch source code in a breach on October 6.

The implication here is that if someone has malicious intent and can access your stored biometric data, you can’t just change your credentials like you would a password.

Meanwhile, the original Worldcoin community is trying to distance itself from the Orb eye scanner clutter, as WDC administrators have made it 100% clear that they want nothing to do with biometric scanning or fast crypto modes.

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