Embr will set Xbox on fire on September 23

Be careful, hot in front! The developers of Muse Games announced today that their new title, Embr, will end its early access period soon. Indeed, the title edited by Curve Digital will officially release on September 23 with a ton of new content.

Embr will put you in the shoes of a firefighter in an age where every rescue brings you money. Whether alone or in cooperation with friends, you will have to explore many levels to collect the maximum amount of money by all the means at your disposal. You will have to save the wealthiest clients, or steal their possessions as you fight the flames. New game modes are emerging, while crossplay is activated to bring players together against fires as much as possible. As team leader Howard Tsao says:

If anyone expects Embr be a realistic representation of the life of a firefighter, they will have a big surprise. Embr is the ultimate adventure where anyone can be a hero […] who will come and save you from a fire, even if it means throwing you out the window for that. In Embr, the end justifies the means.

Enough to promise a pretty crazy game that will have to be kept warm. You can find the trailer for Embr below :

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