“Emergency Calls” “Drivers, Alcohol and Cannabis: An Explosive Cocktail for Brittany’s Gendarmes”, Monday 19 September on TFX (video)

On Monday, September 19 at 21:05 Hélène Mannarino invites you to watch or view an issue of Emergency Calls magazine: Drivers, Alcohol and Cannabis: An Explosive Cocktail for the Gendarmes of Brittany.

Paimpol, Lannion, Perros-Guirec, the pearls of Brittany. These gems of the Côte d’Armor Armor attract over three million visitors during the holidays.

Family and good-natured atmosphere, except on the roads.

The 110 gendarmes in the region know something about it: forced roadblocks, refusal to comply, dangerous driving, rolling debris and, above all, drivers under the influence of an explosive cocktail: alcohol plus cannabis.

The police hunt them down ruthlessly: spot checks, patrols in unmarked cars to catch traffic offenders at the scene of the crime.

But above all, it takes great authority and persuasion to persuade drivers to blow into breathalyzers, to control those who refuse to be interrogated, and to calm passengers in the throes of delirium caused by excessive use of alcohol and drugs.

So to tackle the root of the problem, intervention groups track down traffickers and dismantle dozens of cannabis plantations at home hidden in gardens, greenhouses or basements. A joint sometimes replaces artichokes.

One of the hidden faces of this beautiful region.


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