Emmanuel Macron hosts the world of video games and esports at the Elysee Palace

By welcoming gratin and French esports players to the Elysee Palace this Friday, President Emmanuel Macron sends a strong signal here and allows the sector to be well represented.

He already promised this during his campaign trips before his re-election, but here he marks a blow by confirming that he and his government will act to develop French sport.

This reception was attended by Zerator himself, who is currently organizing the Trackamania CUP, as well as members of Karmine Corp and many others.

Unusually from the leader’s lips, the French President prominently expressed his desire to make France a desirable country for major events.

For example, he quoted in his speech:

  • Counter Strike Majors, analogue of the World Cup
  • New international competition League Of Legends
  • Dota2 International

He also adds these ideas:

“Speaking of creating esports stadiums or special facilities: Banco! But there are many opportunities for synergy with sports and culture. Stadiums that exist, cinemas that can be reinvented with esports.

We will work with you to give us a shared vision.”

The entire ceremony is to be reviewed in full below:

And in Belgium?

In Belgium, we are still a long way from having the country’s top authorities take the lead in esports.

But organizations are working to change that, like Walga, Walbru eSport, BESF and many more.

Belgium recently hosted the CS:GO Majors in Antwerp, the final stages of which stretched over 4 days. Bart De Wever also gave a short speech there.

Nearly 80,000 people attended these majors on site and several million people online, enough to set the tone for the Belgian political world.

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