End of the game for Nintendo, XBox and the PC? The PlayStation 5 would be the Terminator that will end …

PlayStation 5 sales will exceed 200 to 300 million units in 5 to 6 years, according to an analyst, which could end the long console war.
Aernout van de Velde – Sunday 18 October –

Sony’s PlayStation 5 sales are expected to exceed 200-300 million in 5-6 years, with the console expected to sell over 600-700 million units in the future.

That’s what Norio Imanaka, the Japanese analyst at Rakuten Securities Economic Research Institute (the finance branch of the Rakuten company) thinks. This one stated in a recently published Japanese article. Last month, the analyst hinted that Sony’s next console could sell for around 200 million units over the console’s lifecycle, but Imanaka is now predicting even bigger numbers, possibly ending in the console war.

According to the rather optimistic analyst, Sony’s new console could eventually dominate the eSports scene, with the console replacing the PC and thus significantly expanding its user base throughout its lifecycle. Imanaka claims that just like NBA fans who want Nike shoes, eSports fans will want the PlayStation 5, and therefore Sony is expected to sell between 200 and 300 million PS5 units in 5 to 6 years.

“Esports demands fast and capable hardware for advanced video processing, not only for professional players, but also for amateur athletes and spectators. High-end and low-cost, the PlayStation 5 is built for our time. It is possible that it will become the world standard for e-sports instead of the PC. ”

While selling 200-300 million PlayStation 5s will already be quite a feat for Sony, the analyst takes it one step further, saying that the data suggests the console could end up selling up to 600-700 million units over the course of of his life, four to five times the number of total sales of PlayStation 2.

The article also mentions that the next next generation console from Sony has the potential to become the “Terminator” of the gaming industry, ending the long console war between Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo.

“The PlayStation 5 is heading towards a celestial-cosmic dimension, so different from the Switch, the Xbox or even the PlayStation 4”, the report read (via Bloomberg specialist Takashi Mochizuki: “PlayStation 5 could be the Terminator of the gaming industry, ending the long console war” “PlayStation 5 will be Sony Group’s new spearhead”

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