End our legendary French pessimism

What if this new year we decide to draw a line under the cliché that has stuck to our skin that we are the most pessimistic people in the world? Of course, there’s whining for the pleasure of moaning, or out of elegance, because being unsatisfied is always chic. But pessimism is something else: a premonition of the future, anxiety about the path that the country will take, confidence that our children will live worse than we do. In short, a flaw that ankyloses our perspectives and whose origin no one knows.

So L’Express wanted to give part of the answer by turning to specialists: the sociologist Frederic Daby of Ifop, the economist and L’Express columnist Nicolas Bouze, the American geneticist Robert Plomin, or the philosopher and writer Luc Ferry. The long format can be found on the video here or on our Youtube channel.

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