Englefontaine: Jean-Michel Ericotte, inventor of the revolutionary fire extinguisher robot.

In his garage, Jean-Michel Ericotte thinks and designs a fire extinguishing system. Its features? This is a remotely controlled robot that allows you to save firefighters from fire. Now he is waiting for funding to continue working on this project.

Jean-Michel Ericotte hopes to raise 50,000 euros to fully devote himself to his project.

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Published: August 2, 2022 at 12:23 pm.

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Put out the fire without sending people into the fire? This is the goal of Jean-Michel Ericote, who is working on a unique invention in the world. An engineer by training and volunteer firefighter Englefontenois started this project two and a half years ago. Specifically, the FireJet looks like an articulated snake, controlled by a remote control to get to the fire. “Ultimately, we could save the lives of people and animals and intervene much faster in a fire situation,” he explains.

How it works ?

A system powered by a hydraulic lift. Support first. It is a force that has the effect of holding an object above a surface without making contact with it. Then hydraulics: this force is water. “The idea,” explains the engineer, “is that the pressure of the water injected into the pipe forces it to be supported. This will not only create a safe corridor for the robot to pass through, but also allow you to get to the fire. If people or animals are in the area engulfed in flames, they will be able to get out through this corridor. A second network of water, connected to the robot’s head and also controlled remotely, will direct a fire hose to fight the flames in front of it.

Patent, own design and crowdfunding

It is in his garage and in his spare time that Jean-Michel Ericotte thinks about the design of his car. The volunteer firefighter is assisted in his project by SDIS 59 and the Polytechnic University of Hauts-de-France, whose students have demonstrated the feasibility of his project. The designer has also filed a patent with INPI.

For now, Jean-Michel Ericotte claims that he managed to keep the car at a distance of four meters. But the car still needs to be stabilized. “I don’t have enough funding to move forward. I have already laid out more than 4,000 euros out of my pocket. If I could get the money, I could devote myself entirely to this, conducting in-depth research and testing, in particular, engines and machine stabilization. A crowdfunding campaign is being prepared.

For more information, the site is dedicated to the project:

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