Entrepreneur Mark Cook gets into robotics

Investment fund Comate Ventures, which is partly owned by Marc Coucke’s Alychlo, is investing in logistics robot company Zeal Robotics from Herent, near Leuven. This information was revealed in a press release this Wednesday morning. Financial details were not disclosed.

The investment fund pays special attention to young companies that create innovative hardware products. Such is the case with Zeal Robotics: the company wants to transform distribution warehouses with a new generation of autonomous robots. This should provide an answer to the shortage of personnel in the sector. For example, a company like Amazon is still trying to find staff for its fulfillment centers. A startup in Leuven uses artificial intelligence and 3D vision. “Therefore, these robots are faster, more responsive and safer than the current generation in warehouses and distribution centers,” the report says.

According to Mark Coke, the company occupies an interesting niche in a complex sector and has the potential to become an international player.

The first prototype of the logistics robot should be ready in the spring of 2023. Zeal Robotics can also count on advice from Start it @KBC startup network to help it break into international markets.

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