Entry into force of amendments to the Regulation on road vehicles used for the transport of schoolchildren

There are three main changes to the Regulation:

School transport should now be operated by an electric school bus (or minibus). This obligation does not apply to vehicles with model years up to 2024 or with a registration date before 31 October 2021.

Only electric school buses (or minibuses) have blue bumpers and rims.

Be sure to attach a sign or pictogram on the outside wall indicating that it is an electric school bus (or minibus), and an indication of where the high voltage can be turned off outside the school. bus.

To facilitate the transition, remember that the cost of electrifying school buses will be largely offset by financial assistance available through the School Transport Electrification Program. The latter will reduce the cost of purchasing an electric bus and infrastructure for recharging required for its operation. This program is funded under the 2021-2026 Implementation Plan of the Green Economy Plan 2030.

By electrifying 65% of the school buses in Quebec’s fleet, nearly 800,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases (GHG) will be avoided over the next few years by 2030. The decree will contribute, in particular, to the improvement of air quality.


As of January 31, 2021, there were only 130 electric school buses registered in Quebec, despite the financial incentives offered by the Support Program for the deployment of electric school buses for over 5 years. This represents about 1% of the school bus fleet.

The School Transport Electrification Program, which aims to support key stakeholders in this transition, has a budget of $ 250.7 million through 2024.

Ultimately, this measure will improve the daily transport experience of more than 530,000 students in Quebec.

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