Environmental Impact: The positive effects of Covid-19 did not last long, this Thursday, July 29, is Invasion Day.

RETURN TO STARTING BOX. From this Thursday, humanity will live on credit on Earth, consuming all the resources that the planet can renew within a year. In 2020, due to Covid-19, the date was shifted three weeks ago to August 22. Profit is already lost

* Returns to square one. World Overtaking Day this year falls on Thursday, July 29th. Either the same day as 2018 or 2019, in the last two years before Covid-19. This day of excess, calculated annually by the Global Footprint Network, an international research institute based in California, corresponds to the date when humanity used up all the natural resources that the planet can renew in a year.

In other words, humanity will survive the last five months of 2021 on credit, and we will need 1.7 planet Earth to meet our current needs.

“Constant methodology that makes it a relevant indicator”

To determine this date, the Global Footprint Network relies on three million statistics from 200 countries, according to WWF France. On the one hand, the think tank studies the ecological footprint of humanity. “That is, the amount of natural resources [terres agricoles, réserves halieutiques, forêts…] that are needed globally to meet our food needs, our needs (…) Read more by 20 minutes

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