Epic Games Store: two new free games with ultra-realistic FPS

For several years now, PC gamers cannot miss this event: it’s time to get two free games from the Epic Games Store. The program includes a realistic FPS and management game in a fantasy world.

Now we know this ritual by heart. New week, new Thursday, new free games on the Epic Games Store. After offering two games under cult licenses, the Fortnite Creators Store has loosened up a bit by adding two more confidential games.

Free games available from the Epic Games Store.

Like every Thursday at 5pm sharp, it’s time for a double dose of gifts. Two new free games from the Epic Games Store are now available. On the program this week: on the one hand, fantasy and management, and on the other hand, a realistic first-person shooter set during the First World War. Both games will be available until July 28 at 17:00 French time.

  • Shop Titans: Combining simulation and management with RPG, this game immerses players in a fantasy world where they have to build their own shop. They have to produce and sell the equipment needed by the brave heroes of this world for their adventures. Swords, armor, potions… The better the items, the more colorful characters will appear in their shop.
  • Tannenberg: A life-size shooter in which 64 players compete in massive battles in an effort to recreate the authentic action of the First World War. The program has seven squads, eight impressive maps and 50 weapons. Full armor offering tactical freedom.

What are the next free games?

What are the next free games on the Epic Games Store? After that, Shop Titans and Tannenberg will be replaced with one giveaway: a lawn mower simulator. A name for a simulator that just… mows down parks and gardens. This allows you to drive “real lawn mowers from prestigious manufacturers and grow your business.”

Therefore, this next EGS free game will be available from July 28 at 17:00 French time until August 4 at the same time slot.

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