Epic Pictures announces a series of playable indie teasers: The Dread X Collection

Epic Pictures Group, an independent film and television studio, is preparing to launch The Dread X Collection, an anthology of playable teasers made by independents.

The anthology will include in total ten horror and suspense trailers by developers Snowrunner Games (Soda Drinker Pro), Mayelyk (SCP: Blackout), Lovely Hellplace (Dread Delusion), Torple Dook (Earl Day Off), Strange Scaffold, Oddbreeze, or David Szymanski (Dusk).

It will be here of a paying anthology costing $ 7, of which $ 2 will be donated to Doctors Without Borders. It should be made available on Steam, and potentially on the Humble Store. Ports on consoles will possibly be discussed later.

Patrick Ewald, CEO of Epic Pictures, says:

From a creative and promotional point of view, the project was very intriguing for us and our distribution partners, because it allowed us to bring together some of the most interesting names from the horror film space and to present a very large collection of stories.

Like a jam, the developers have a week at their disposal to give life to their creation; this playable trailer concept draws its inspiration from Kojima’s famous P.T. (Silent Hills). Ted Hentschke, editor of Dreadxp, Epic Pictures’ new game site, explains:

The idea for the anthology came when I was interviewing independent developers, and one thing I heard a lot from them was: ‘I would really like to work on my own version of P.T. someday’.

If the project is still waiting to be finalized, some developers have started to share their proposals on their Twitter pages. The designer Xalavier Nelson Jr tease a trailer called Mr. Bucket Told Me To, which he describes as “Alone in the world, if Wilson wanted you to die a slow, painful death.“The game of David Szymanski (Dusk), is called meanwhile The Pony Factory, and it will be a “Black and white FPS on fleshless ponies. Created with abominable bodily mutilation and hellish magic“.

More details can be found on the website of DreadXP.


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