Epidemic recovery in China: ‘legitimate concern’, tests applied ‘without blinking’, Veran says – Sciences et Avenir

The resurgence of the Covid-19 epidemic in China is “a source of legitimate European concern,” government spokesman Olivier Véran said Wednesday, assuring Beijing’s protests that mandatory tests would be applied “without blinking an eye.” “.

“No country wants to witness the outbreak of an epidemic on its territory after all the efforts and sacrifices made for almost three years,” he said after the meeting of the Council of Ministers. Providing a negative test less than 48 hours after returning, or in the case of transit through China, is “a common-sense measure to protect our fellow citizens that we take without batting an eye”, he said.

“At the airport on Tuesday, an operation was carried out with testing on asymptomatic passengers returning from China: every third test was positive, which indicates the need for the control measures that we are implementing,” the former minister of health emphasized.

Beijing on Tuesday deemed it “unacceptable” to impose Covid tests in a dozen countries on travelers from China.

Also on Tuesday, a committee of health experts from the 27 members of the European Union (Committee on Health Security) called for the introduction of tests for travelers arriving from China “by an overwhelming majority”.

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