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For this new episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing Anais Helfer and Julien Bross, Legal Director and CEO of Ipocamp.

Ipocamp is based on Blockchain technology. This solution helps creators, entrepreneurs and any company to better protect their intellectual works.

How ? With a timestamp option that allows these assets to be dated and provide evidence of their prior existence in the event of violations or unfounded allegations.

Thus, the use of blockchain can be a useful evidence-based tool to demonstrate that we are at the origin of the implementation or development of a creation, as well as a brand, know-how, invention, design and model, or any innovation.

Together we discussed:

– specific applications of Blockchain in the field of intellectual property,

How does this technology work

– the services offered by Ipocamp,

– useful methods of using this solution in case of a dispute and thus the best possible preservation of your rights.

Are you interested in this topic? I also invite you to listen to an interview with Ludovic Pagé, CTO of Ipocamp, hosted by Charlotte Pons for her “Le Journal de Charlotte” podcast.

Very nice to listen!

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To learn more about Ipocamp – its website:

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