Epson to stop selling energy-hungry laser printers

Printer manufacturer Epson has announced that it will stop selling and distributing laser printers due to durability issues caused by heat.

Epson said in a statement that by 2026, the company will completely switch to inkjet printers and stop worldwide sales and distribution of laser printers.

“Inkjet technology helps reduce power consumption compared to laser, and with their compact size and lightweight design, these products help limit resources used during manufacturing and shipping,” Epson said. “The reduced size also means they fit easily into the office and save space. High-yield ink cartridges also reduce material usage, shipping, storage, and end-of-life consumable management. »

Still active market in Europe

Epson has already stopped selling laser printers in many markets, but continued to do so in Asia and Europe, according to The Register.

The printer manufacturer said the decision was a result of “the limited ability of laser technology to take meaningful steps to improve durability due to the need for heat during the printing process and therefore its power consumption.” »

Epson said in 2019 that its inkjet printers use 85% less power than laser printers of similar speed. Inkjet printers also produce 75% less carbon dioxide than comparable laser printers. In addition, inkjet printers have 59% fewer spare parts than laser printers.

“With fewer moving parts and consumables to be replaced over the lifetime of a printer compared to lasers, Epson’s injector service and maintenance requirements are also significantly reduced, as is the downtime of the resulting printer,” Epson said.

Epson has announced the end of laser printer production and the launch of a new line of business inkjet printers with print speeds of 40-60 ppm.

Source: .com

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