Equinix opens its ninth data center in France

Equinix is ​​further strengthening its Ile-de-France “hub”. The data center operator announced on Thursday the opening of its ninth data center in the Paris region, from the first quarter of 2021. Intended to strengthen storage capacities on the European market, this new data center confirms the he attraction of Equinix for Ile-de-France, and in particular for the Hauts-de-Seine and Seine-Saint-Denis departments, where the operator’s infrastructure is located.

“The PA9x datacenter will be part of a campus bringing together the International Business Exchange sites of Equinix, in Saint-Denis, Aubervilliers, Pantin and Courbevoie. This metropolitan area represents a strategic hub for the exchange of traffic between the United States and Europe. It also serves as the termination point for many submarine cable systems in the Mediterranean, thus connecting suppliers from Africa, the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific region to Europe ”, argues the management of the ‘operator.

Equinix’s second xScale-type data center in France, this new infrastructure also confirms the operator’s ambition to strive for a massive reduction of its ecological footprint. “This new state-of-the-art site will be based 100% on renewable energy”, indicates the management of Equinix, while one of its competitors, Interxion, has already announced that its data centers will be carbon neutral from the end of 2020.

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