Eric Sadin: "Elon Musk epitomizes this “geeko-libertarian” ideology to the extreme."

For more than a decade, philosopher Eric Sadin has crafted a scathing critique of Silicon Valley’s encroaching “techno-liberalism” against Emmanuel Macron, the president of “Startup Nation.” Especially in this world of “techno talk”. Billionaire Elon Musk, head of Tesla and SpaceX, would be nothing more than the next apostle of a new ideology of capitalism that weakens the common cause. Service.

Thanks to his electric cars, space exploration and wealth, Elon Musk stands out as a modern hero. What does this say about us?

A lot of ! Beyond Musk, we humans feel a deep need to worship saviors. History is interrupted by such demigods, who seem to be endowed with the power to remove all the difficulties of the era. Instead of seeking collective change, we rely on those who promise a brighter future to ostensibly better guide the course of our lives. However, it is now clear that for two decades our naivety played a role in the game of contempt for the common good, the fight against inequality and all regulation.

Billionaire, visionary, reactionary: the disturbing faces of Elon Musk

What do you mean ?

For about forty years, the neoliberal creed has imposed the principle that the private sector should be the first vector of virtuous change in the world. Anyway, he would like

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