Eric Sadin: “Elon Musk epitomizes this ‘geeko-libertarian’ ideology to the extreme”

Philosopher Eric Sadin has been crafting a living critique of Silicon Valley’s “techno-liberalism” for more than a decade that permeates as far as Emmanuel Macron, president of “Startup Nation.” Moreover, in this world of “techno-discourse”, billionaire Elon Musk, the boss of Tesla and SpaceX, would be none other than the latest apostle of the new ideology of capitalism, which weakens the common cause. Service.

Thanks to his electric cars, space exploration and wealth, Elon Musk is rising as a modern hero. What does this say about us?

A lot of ! Besides Musk, as humans, we feel an inner need to worship the figures of the savior. The story is punctuated by such demigods who seem to have the power to remove all the hardships of the era. Instead of embarking on a collective transformation, we prefer to rely on those who promise a brighter tomorrow to ostensibly better manage the course of our lives. However, it is now clear that for two decades our naivety has played the game of contempt for the common good, the fight against inequality and any kind of regulation.

Billionaire, visionary, reactionary: disturbing faces of Elon Musk

What do you mean ?

For about forty years, the neoliberal creed has imposed the principle that the private sector should be the first vector for the virtuous transformation of the world. He would anyway

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