Errare humanum resources is [Thèse ]

Draw like Rembrandt, Tiffany, Van Gogh or anyone …

We spontaneously grasp what the style of Van Gogh or Rembrandt can be and we can reproduce its characteristics. To each his own style. But the process can be long before you manage to master a little the Art of a Master. DeepArt offers to transform your images in the style you want. Simply. Impressive.

Under the influence of algorithms – [Débat en ligne]

How much of a hold on algorithms are we? What are the criteria used by them and the objectives pursued by their designers? How much do they bias our searches for information or content? What visibility do they give, for example, to our cultural productions? Online conferences remain accessible after broadcast.

Preserving historical archives with digital technology

The countries of Europe are in an important marathon: that of digitizing all the archives they have. The old continent being well stocked in terms of documents, works and others, the work is colossal. Fortunately, companies are working with new technologies to speed up the pace and even think about a way to store this gargantuan archive in a sustainable manner.

Mooc – Artificial Intelligence with intelligence! – Until 03/19/2022

How about deciphering, understanding and manipulating AI programs to form an opinion for yourself? To become familiar with the subject beyond preconceived ideas and to be able to discuss AI with relevance? This Mooc helps achieve that …

Introduction to AI vocabulary

Discover the vocabulary of artificial intelligence in French. Learn about the two main approaches to AI: Symbolic AI and Connectionist AI. Learn about deep learning and the uses of AI in education. Finally, understand the ethics and societal issues of AI.

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