ESG Data & IA, the business school specializing in big data and Artificial Intelligence

Big data and Artificial Intelligence, two rapidly growing markets, are no longer the preserve of engineers and computer scientists, far from it. Hybrid profiles, combining skills in project management or marketing / commerce, and technical knowledge, have become very popular rare pearls. ESG Data & IA, a new business school, trains these long-awaited experts by focusing on professional and unique pedagogy.

ESG Data & IA is the latest addition to the ESG Group, a major player in higher education in France in the field of management. He himself is a member of Galileo Global Education, the leading higher education group in Europe and the second in the world. Suffice to say that when you arrive on the ESG Data & IA campus, in the 11th arrondissement of Paris, you can move forward calmly! The school puts at the disposal of its students all the expertise and the technical and pedagogical power of the group to which it belongs.

This business school trains future professionals in data management through two distinct streams: a Bachelor in Data / AI Designer / Developer followed by a Master in Data / AI Project Manager on the one hand and a Bachelor in Data Business Engineer / IA followed by a Master in Business Manager Data / IA on the other hand. RNCP level 6 titles for Bachelors and level 7 for Masters, all recognized by the State.

These training courses respond to a real demand. And for good reason, the big data market has shown impressive growth over the past 10 years. Its annual growth rate should therefore be over 14% until 2026.[1]! As a result, new needs and new professions: “Companies are really looking for this kind of profiles, that is to say professionals who understand what can be done with data, who are able to imagine big data / AI solutions and market them”, abounds Marie-Anne Marc, Marketing and Communication Director of the ESG Group. Big data, “big perspectives”, in short!

Big data and Artificial Intelligence, quèsaco?

It’s very simple, big data is everywhere! When we buy clothes online, when we publish posts on social networks, when we use an app on our smartphone, in short, when we surf the internet in general, we produce digital data. And if we multiply them by billions of Internet users, that makes a lot! All of this data is shared, stored and usable. This is called big data. A mine of information on our habits, our centers of interest or our movements. No wonder, then, that big data is at the heart of business strategy.

AI, for its part, is involved in the exploitation of this data. A robot equipped with Artificial Intelligence is capable, by processing a considerable amount of data from big data, of carrying out alone, in record time, strategic and complex tasks, or even of progressing by learning from its experience! Some examples: personal assistants Siri and Alexa, but also e-commerce sites, which automatically personalize their home page according to the interests of the visitor, or even banks and insurance companies, to name a few, which adapt their offers according to the characteristics of each client. Like big data, AI is everywhere.

Behind these extraordinary machines, there is a human intelligence. That of engineers, who technically develop big data / AI tools, of course, but also that of professionals who detect needs, imagine solutions, manage their design and market them. It is precisely these kinds of brains that ESG Data & IA shapes.

Business school training

The course begins with a two-year core curriculum: the Bachelor Data and IA. It gives pride of place to the technical and business fundamentals of the sector. Specialization only occurs in the third year, through the choice of one of the two courses offered.

The Data / AI Designer / Developer Bachelor and the Data / AI Project Manager Master Degree train professionals capable of leading the development of AI solutions to exploit big data. The project manager can work in a company specializing in the development of Data / AI tools. He then acts as the interface between the marketing teams, who report a need, and the technical teams (engineers, IT specialists), who produce a solution in response to this need. He can also work in any company that collects data (that is to say all!) And some of whose employees have needs in Data / AI tools. In this case, he acts as the link between internal users and technical teams.

The Bachelor in Data / IA Business Engineer and the Master in Data / IA Business Manager train marketing experts (customer relationship manager, marketing manager and director) who must be attentive to market needs in order to imagine solutions based on data mining and Artificial Intelligence, and business professionals (Data IA business manager, Data IA business engineer, Data IA sales engineer, Data IA sales manager), able to market these tools. Each time, it is a question of intervening taking into account different business, technical, ethical and social issues. Note that this training also allows you to exercise marketing functions in all companies that use data to develop targeted commercial offers.

Whatever the chosen course, ESG Data & IA develops dual skills in its students. Skills in project management or marketing and commerce of course, but also technical skills, to master the big data and AI environment, and to learn to speak the language of engineers, developers and data scientists . This is why the training courses are resolutely multidisciplinary. There are marketing, communication, project management, law, but also IT, statistics and modeling.

A professionalizing pedagogy, in project mode

ESG Data & IA is moving forward hand in hand with the various companies in the sector. The idea is to regularly adapt the training courses according to the skills needs of the latter. The courses are provided by recognized and working professionals.

But the key in addition to the school, it is the place of the projects in its pedagogy. Most often, in a training, we learn the theory, then we put it into practice on real cases. At ESG Data & IA, it’s the opposite. The establishment starts from concrete projects, generally provided by companies, which follow one another throughout the year to mobilize all the lessons necessary for their realization. A reverse pedagogy, original and effective! In addition, certain projects are carried out jointly with ESG Green, of which ESG Data & IA shares the campus to pool skills and because the challenges of these two business schools, sustainable development and data exploitation, have impacts each other.

What about corporate immersion in all of this? Each year, students enter the professional world in the form of an internship or work-study program. Alternation is possible from the third year and up to the fifth year. Young people can count on the large network of the ESG Group (more than 3,000 partner companies) and on various support systems for finding a business. These include #MatchingPremium, a tool that matches student profiles with business demands, the Career Center, a job and internship platform reserved for ESG Group students, and training sessions. coaching to optimize your CV, your LinkedIn profile and to prepare for an interview.

Do you want to integrate ESG Data & IA and thus contribute to creating the world of tomorrow? You can submit your application at any time, outside of Parcoursup.

Admission is based on file and interview. The ideal is to have followed the Mathematics and / or Numerics and Computer Sciences specialty in final year, but the main thing is above all to be motivated and ready to invest in projects, to want to learn and to ” be curious about new technologies and what surrounds them. It is also possible to integrate ESG Data & IA in the third year, after a bac +2 or two validated first years of license / Bachelor / engineering school / business school, in a field in line with the chosen field. . Ditto in the fourth year, after a bac +3 validated in an engineering school, business school or university license in line with the selected specialty. If necessary, the reorientation can be facilitated by the organization of a one-month refresher seminar.

Also good to know: tuition funding is eligible for Crous scholarships!

[1] Valuates Reports

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