Esker and Vistex use artificial intelligence and machine learning to simplify customer billing management

PARIS, September 13 (Benin News / EP) –

Esker, a company specializing in the digitization of business relationships between suppliers and customers, and Vistex, a developer of solutions for managing prices, royalties and incentives, announced the signing of a cooperation agreement between the European Union and France. partnership agreement in Spain to launch a software solution based on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to simplify the management of client commissions.

This alliance will help finance teams solve — with the help of technology — the complexities of managing disputes and chargebacks between retailers and manufacturers by “eliminating manual tasks and account imbalances,” the partner companies explain in a press release.

In particular, Vistex gives insight into the impact of customer deductions on profit margins, while Esker, with its AI technology, captures and processes the associated flow of documents—regardless of channel and format. Thus, the financier will receive “global visibility of the real state of the accounts”, as well as “the ability to make forecasts based on reliable data and in real time.”

“Thanks to this agreement, we can say that we have the only solution capable of digitizing this manual and costly financial process,” said Jesús Midon, CEO of Esker Ibérica. The company also assures that users will benefit from management “without manual tasks with shorter solution times and greater transparency in operations.”

Almudena Asunción, Director of Solutions Delivery and Country Manager for Vistex Spain, explains that by combining “Vistex’s ability to provide critical insight into the impact of customer fees on profit margins” with Esker’s “flow-management features end-to-end documentation and dashboards,” customers will benefit from “ full visibility of its customers and suppliers.”

Based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, Esker’s online payment solution allows you to collect, filter and classify various types of payments (among others, incident, claim or refund), automatically redirecting them to a person or the appropriate service according to predefined intelligent rules. . From there, Vistex technology reconciles these non-invoice payments with trade agreements and makes it easy to reconcile them through settlements in the ERP system.

“Integration with Vistex enterprise software. Esker dashboards help finance and customer service managers make real-time decisions throughout the order-to-payment lifecycle – from new customer registration and incoming order management to invoicing, collection management and reconciliation “, the statement says. concludes.

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