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The South Francilien (CHSF) hospital center in Corbeil-Essonne was the victim of a computer attack that began at around 1 a.m. Saturday night, severely disrupting operations, according to a press release from the institution confirming the information. from BFMTV. The $10 million ransom demand, worded in English, was demanded by a hacker or hackers, a police source told AFP.

ANSSI captured

The Essonne Hospital launched the whites’ plan on 21 August. This attack renders “all hospital business software, storage systems (in particular, medical images) and information system related to hospitalization of patients” is temporarily inaccessible, the institution said in a statement. The National Security and Information Systems Security Administration (ANSSI) was “quickly taken over by the crisis unit,” he added, later detailing patience management techniques.

Patients whose care requires access to a technical platform are being referred to public hospitals in Ile-de-France. According to a press release, those who spontaneously present themselves to the emergency room are “examined and then possibly referred to the medical center of the Sud Francilien Hospital Center.” For patients hospitalized in the CSF, “medical and technical services (in particular, biomedical services) are able to operate in a degraded mode in the short term.”

The institution is “doing its best to support outpatient care,” he promises, but “on the other hand, this exceptional situation should affect the operation of the operating room.”

Does not affect building safety

“This attack does not affect the operation and security of the hospital building,” the hospital center assured, specifying that “all networks remain in operation (telephone, except for facsimile, automated distribution flows, etc.).” Contacted by AFP, management declined to comment on this text.

In April 2022, a cyber attack on the Groupement Hospitalier de Territoire (GHT) Coeur Grand Est information system affected nine institutions, and in March last year, a hospital in Ajaccio was also the victim of a “ransomware-type cyber attack.”

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