Essonne: police confiscated 491 packs of counterfeit cigarettes in Evry-Courcuron

Arrived for a search on a drug case, left with 491 packs of counterfeit cigarettes. On Thursday, July 21, officers of the Evry-Courcuron police station got their hands on 49 blocks of counterfeit cigarettes intended for sale on the black market. The continuation of the investigation was entrusted to the General Customs Administration.

“This search was conducted in the context of drug trafficking,” a source close to the investigation said. After knocking on the door of the house and declaring their status as police officers, the officials enter the premises. “Two men aged 19 and 24 were detained,” the same source said. After atrocities and rebellion, they were handcuffed to the ground. »

Cannabis discovered

In addition to 49 rounds of ammunition, the police found 17 g of marijuana hidden behind the bath apron. Sold secretly for an average of 5 euros, these 491 bags could fetch about 2,500 euros for two men.

To stop the cigarette trade, the department’s police officers are multiplying their operations. In front of the central station of Grigny, where street sales of cigarettes take place daily, the police occupy the area as much as possible. In this single outlet, 80 sellers were arrested in 2018.

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