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Those who made a breakthrough in the cryptocurrency world, or rather in blockchain I know well what to compare Ethereum from Bitcoin is not an easy task, and it makes no sense, because their functions are fundamentally different. While BTC seems to hover between 34-40k dollars, an old argument has surfaced. Ether can he turn the ranking of the biggest caps to his advantage?

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Is flipping enabled?

Indeed, according to the comments provided Bloomberg, Tegan Kline, co-founder of the company Edge and Knot (blockchain software) reported: ” Ether will probably exceed Bitcoin (in capital letters) at some point in the future because Ethereum will be better in terms of interest and innovation for developers. “

The argument has been around sinceEthereum launched, but is it time now? In any case, one thing is for sure, only the future will show. Waiting, Ethereum If all goes well (with the release of version 2.0), there will still be a good day ahead. In additionETH outperform BTC from February 03, 2020, during the reversal of the previous downtrend. Productivity is over 250%. INETH also retained its key support levels as BTC came out on average 20-21 (depending on taste) per week. These levels have always served as a support / bounce for BTC during corrections in full bull run… INETH holds on tighter than Bitcoin at the moment, whether in ETH/ USD or in ETH/BTC… Of their last ATH according to the time when I write, BTC barely recovered just over 20%, whileETH is almost 50%.

From a much more promising point of view, during an exchange with Hustlee last week billionaire Stanley Drakenmillerrecognized for his great experience and investment ability, said: “I think that BTC won the game with values ​​because it is: a brand, it has been around for 13-14 years and supply limited “

However, he is a little skeptical thatEthereum can maintain its current position for a long time. He compares Ethereum from MySpace to Facebook or even Yahoo to Google: “Google was not much faster than Yahoo, and it wasn’t necessary. They just needed to be a little faster and the rest is history. “

Let’s not take these statements at face value, the context is incomparable, because there is already blockchains much faster thanEthereum… On the other hand, if “tomorrow” there are more interesting blockchains for developers, you will have to look. Druckenmiller points to an interesting point: when he ran an investment fund, he tried to follow in the footsteps of Stanford University, MIT or Brown alumni to figure out which projects would develop with high success rates. The same logic can be applied for Ethereum… The developers are currently doing this and they are right because it is place to be. Changing the protocol will bring its fair share of opportunities. And tomorrow ?

Let’s always take a step back and capitalize on the evolution of this incredible technology. What will be the decisions of tomorrow?

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