Ethereum: is its price on the verge of a sharp drop?

Ethereum is currently the second most powerful cryptocurrency in the world after Bitcoin (which also benefits from a slight price hike, thanks in part to Tesla’s announcement). There is no doubt that, even if they come with risks, cryptocurrencies have been able to help many people: we can take, for example, this company that avoided accepting payments thanks to Ethereum. However, be careful, as with any market, cryptocurrency is never safe: moreover, an important date may soon fix the price of ether for the coming months.

Ethereum on the brink of a big fall?

Every Ethereum owner needs to prepare for the worst: The $ 1.5 billion options expire on June 25.… For comparison, we are 30% more than March 26. The previous date of this type resulted in a 17% drop in the price of the cryptocurrency in just 5 days. In other words, we can expect the same drop on June 25th.… However, As with any similar drop, Ethereum subsequently benefits from a large rally. : we could see it during the last such date. On the other hand, the trends for June 25 are still uncertain, so don’t rush into a decision that we might later regret.

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