Ethereum Merge: Google adds a countdown timer to its results –

Google has rolled out a new widget in its search engine offering a countdown (date and time…) of the highly anticipated update of The Merge on Ethereum.

As the Ethereum merger approaches, giant Google has placed a module in its search engine results to track the rollout of the “Merger” that will put Ethereum on a Proof-of-stake verification mechanism.

Ethereum merge screenshot (

On Twitter on Friday, Sam Padilla, a Web3 engineer at Google, demonstrated the widget, prompting ETH developers Vitalik Buterin and Justin Drake to google “Confluence”.

Everyone is so excited about what’s to come and appreciate the work that has been put into this over the years,” he wrote.

Unfortunately, this widget is not available in the French version of Google. However, you can access the module by following this link (

According to Google Trends, since the beginning of the summer of 2022, the number of requests for a merger of the second cryptocurrency in the market has increased dramatically.

The “Ethereum merge” started last week with the activation of Bellatrix. The next major milestone is expected around September 15, when the final total difficulty (TTD) will reach a certain value (587500000).

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