EU attributes KA-SAT satellite cyberattack to Russia

On rare occasions, the European Union, its member states and its international partners have publicly accused Russia of being behind the computer attack on the KA-SAT satellite in a joint statement released on May 10. The satellite of the American company Viasat has not been working since February 24, the day of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. So far, although Moscow has been mentioned, Brussels has not publicly commented on the origin of this cyberattack.

“Unacceptable” behavior

The attack, described by the EU as unacceptable, is “another example of Russia’s continued and irresponsible behavior in cyberspace”, which is “an integral part of its illegal and unjustified invasion of Ukraine.” Such behavior “contradicts the expectations of all UN member states, including the Russian Federation, regarding responsible state behavior and state intentions in cyberspace,” the countries note in a statement.

Fearing a rise in security incidents, they are calling on Russia to stop immediately. The EU says it plans to take further steps to “prevent, deter and respond to such malicious behavior in cyberspace.”

Service interruption in France

This cyberattack caused numerous disruptions far beyond Ukraine. In France, the outage caused a partial shutdown of internet access services offered by operators Nordnet, a subsidiary of Orange, and Bigblu, a company acquired by Eutelsat in 2020.

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